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    Little Scamps Playgroup & Afterschool
  • Little Scamps Lisburn are one of Northern Ireland's best nursery schools
    Award Winning Playgroup, Afterschool & Nursery
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Welcome to Little Scamps Playgroup & After-school Lisburn!

Our Ethos

At Little Scamps Playgroup & After School Lisburn we acknowledge that children grow and develop best when in a safe, familiar environment, where they know what the routine is and what is expected of them. We believe in a calm, relaxed and stimulating environment, where children can play & socialize together. We strive to work alongside our families, to provide high quality, affordable and flexible child care.

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Families First Awards for
Little Scamps Lisburn

Little Scamps Lisburn for best playgroup and highly recommended

Family Awards 2017 for best playgroup and highly recommended

Jenny Smyth Families First Award 2017 for special work in the community

Food rate 5 star

Aims & objectives

Our aims and objectives are based on the following principles:

  • To create a safe, secure, nurturing and stimulating environment, where each child can develop their social, emotional and educational potential, whilst gaining independence and confidence.
  • To provide clear boundaries in terms of acceptable behaviour, develop children’s moral understanding and use encouragement and praise in rewarding positive behaviour.
  • To build each child’s self-esteem, where they have a mutual care and respect for other.

We strive to achieve these aims by creating a culture of value and respect for children's individual needs. We endeavour to equip children with the knowledge to respect each other regardless of colour, ethnicity, language as well as cultural & social background.

2018 Northern Ireland Top Nursery Award

The annual Nursery Awards recognises the top 20 most recommended Nurseries in each region of the UK

Day Nurseries Award 2018

5 Star hygiene rating

Our management and staff work hard to ensure that Little Scamps Lisburn provides the highest level of hygiene, at all times

Food rate 5 star